“Szymon Mika is one of the most musical guitarists I have heard – he plays with a beautiful sense of phrasing and time and has a great melodic sensibility. He is someone to listen for in the future as he has a lot of great music to make!”

Peter Bernstein

“Listening to Szymon gives me a mixed range of emotions. Mostly pleasurable, because he’s one of my absolute favorite younger guitarists around- but also worrisome – because I know he will be stealing all of my gigs any day now.”

Lage Lund

“The listeners should definitely pay attention to the incredible guitar parts, which are truly invigorating. Some great guitar players must be smiling in Heaven hearing this stuff.”

Polish-jazz blog

Szymon Mika (pronounced Shi-mon) – one of the most talented guitarists of young generation/composer/educator, prizewinner of International Jarek Śmietana Jazz Guitar Competition, Grand Prix Jazz Nad Odrą and many more.

Recognized for great technique and sound he also delights audience with uncommon maturity. Great personalities such as Peter Bernstein, Mike Stern and John Abercrombie have expressed their admiration for his talent.

Szymon has played on numerous national and international festivals (for example Montreux Jazz Festival, Jazz Fest Wien) and participated in many jazz workshops.

In 2016 he graduated with master degree from Music Academy in Katowice, he continued his studies in Basel at Jazz Campus. In 2017-2018 he participated in Fousyear program where he was working on music and performing with Avishai Cohen, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Dave Holland, Mark Turner, Joshua Redman to name a few.

On daily basis he shares the stage with top Polish jazz musicians, being a part of original music projects.

He also composes original music, which has so far been included on 8 albums including two – “Unseen” and “Togetherness” – recorded with an original trio with Ziv Ravitz and Max Mucha. In addition, he has been a part of more than 20 albums as a session musician, and also performs and composes music for films.


* First Prize at International Jarek Śmietana Jazz Guitar Competition (2015)

* Special Prize at Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa (2015)

* Special Prize at Krokus Jazz Festival (2014)

* Grand Prix at Grupa Azoty Jazz Contest with Mateusz Pałka/Szymon Mika Quartet, special mention for the Biggest Talent Of The Competition (2013)

*First Prize at Young Best Jazz for Organ Spot trio and special mention for Best Soloist (2012)

* Second Prize at 5th Azoty Tarnów International Jazz Contest with Organ Spot trio (2012)

* Grand Prix „Jazz Individuality” at Jazz nad Odrą Festival (2012)

Szymon uses handcrafted guitar made by master luthier Stefan Schottmuller.